Convent of the Capuchos – Sintra, Portugal



Contributor: Ido Hartogoshn

Where is it Sintra, Portugal
What is it Built in 1560 by a group of monks who aspired to live a life of extreme modesty and thrift, Convent of the Capuchos is a historical monastery consisting of incredibly tiny alice-in-wonderland style buildings and rooms
Main attractions Walking inside the Monastery’s quarters, climbing the tiny staircases and squeezing yourself through the midget-like alice-in-wonerland style apertures in order to enter the monks’ tiny cork-lined cells. Imagining how it would be to live here. Touring the convent’s gardens and the surrounding nature.
Psychedelic Merit The Convent of the Capuchos is a true historical gem. The scenery of the place reminds one of a hobbit village, while touring the monk’s quarters feels like walking into a strange world where perspectives and proportions are seriously twisted and mixed-up. The place has a serene and quiet atmosphere that makes you want to stay and join the convent.
Comments It is very advisable to visit the Convent of the Capuchos early in the morning. While this is yet to become one of Sintra’s massive tourist attraction, the place is small and the presence of others is noticed, so being there all alone in the morning can make all the difference. If you get there directly for the opening hours (10:00, but check before) you stand a good chance of having the whole place to yourself before other visitors arrive.Also, the place is surrounded by some of the best spot’s of Sintra’s beautiful forests. You might want to take a walk there after your visit to the monastery.

Be sure to hold firmly when climbing the slippery and crooked stairways to avoid falling on your behind…

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