The Peristal – Berlin, Germany



Contributor: Ido Hartogsohn

Where is it Berlin, Germany
What is it Built by a small group of dedicated artist’s Karmanoia’s Peristal is a complex labyrinth which is “a combination of Alice in Wonderland, a playground for grownups and a creepy cabinet with amusement factor.” Each visitor to the peristal enters it alone, and gets to explore it for himself.
Main attractions Explore the Peristal for youself. The attraction is what you make of it.
Psychedelic Merit The makers of the Peristal call it a “mind-altering maze”, and indeed exploring the dark, surrealist spaces of the Peristal, connected by ladders, doorways and slides is a unique experience. The Alice in Wonderland experience was never as vivid.
Comments “Peristal Signum”, which was active between 2010 and 2014, and received some cult status in the Berlin underground crowd was actually Peristal 2.0.Karmanoia, the artist collective who built the two previous Peristals, is now working towards building Peristal 3.0 which is hyped to be bigger and better, and we hope they get it done soon, because we can’t wait to visit it.

It might not be a good idea to consume any mind alterant before entering the Peristal. The experience is quite powerful as it is, and might become too overwhelming in combination with mind alterants.

Links Karmanoia Peristal Signum Page: Peristal 3.0:

Peristal 3.0 Crowdfunding Page:




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