Birthplace of Buddha – Lumbini, Nepal



Contributor: Renegadesalmon

Where is it Lumbini, Nepal
What is it The site believed to be where Gautama Buddha was born and began a life that would serve as an example for others in search of inner peace.
Main attractions Gardens, reflecting pool, and temples constructed to capture the styles of Buddhists all over the globe.
Psychedelic Merit Buddhist or not, the site is humbling. Utterly calm, and vast enough that its beauty is only revealed one piece at a time. And if you have visited a temple in one of the nations whose architectural style is featured here, it’s bound to stir a sense of nostalgia and longing for the places you’ve tread before.
Comments Despite listing the site in this blog and though psychedelics are easy to find in Nepal, I would personally recommend abstaining from taking any at this site, as at least some forms of Buddhism forbid them.
Links Wikipedia:
UNESCO World Heritage:

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