The Abode of Chaos – Saint Romain au Mont d’or, France



Contributor: Samy Barkat

Where is it Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or, Rhone, France
What is it In 1999 sculptor Thierry Ehrmann, founder of the Serveur Group and the website, decided to dedicate himself to creating a museum, known as L’Organe (the Organ). He very rapidly recognized that his project was becoming an institution. Should he recruit a curator? What form should the collection take? All these details seemed far removed from his original conception of the project. The point was the convergence between desire and action. If he had to choose a model, it would not be that of a foundation but one which follows the Andy Warhol’s vision of art: the Factory, a fluid space as created by the pop-art artist, where creativity lived from one day to the next in a random sensuality, to the beat of pure energy. Thus, Thierry Ehrmann invited artists to work with him in situ, creating connections between one endeavour and another, between countries and cultures – a perpetual activity attuned to the perpetual movement of the world and its events.Abode of Chaos has been the subject of more than 1850 press and media articles in 93 countries. According to the New York Times it is “one of the most important and most emotional artistic adventures of the 21st century.”
Just a turn away in a middle-class village in the heart of the Monts d’Or, a wealthy suburb of Lyons, and golden masonry and bourgeois houses give way to this alchemical abode, inspired by Fulcanelli.
Main attractions Ehrmann’s project mixes one part exhibition, one part artwork and one part action to create a melting pot of crossbred energies. The project ended up taking on a life of its own. The original author became irrelevant. The idea was everything. The question of a space dedicated only to art no longer mattered. Art was everywhere, gradually infiltrating the corpus of the space. First Thierry Ehrmann painted a salamander, followed by a battalion. As with living beings, they were everywhere. The artist Ben Vautier also became involved and overall around a hundred artists continued the work.
The Abode of Chaos became a permeable project, events flowing through it and imbuing it with meaning. Does that mean it resembled chaos? Although it burned, becoming post-apocalyptic and carbonized black, it retained its core architecture, wearing the scars of its deconstruction like medals. In truth, the house as a whole became a museum. In others’ eyes it exhibits what more formal spaces do not: it shows art in its living form, part of our everyday lives. Including more than 3500 open-air artworks, the site reflects our tragic or magnificent century as seen by the artist.
Psychedelic Merit The Abode of Chaos is a black hole, a passage in a lobby where no law rules…Besides being a writer, sculptor, plastician and formerly owner of several esoteric websites, Ehrmann is also an Alchemist of modern times, all that you can see here in his abode is clearly a invitation to trip and to realize that we are always surrounded by psychedelia.
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Just be sure to get there during the week end afternoons. There are often different temporary exhibitions and some unique and unattended events all year long.
Also, this place is endangered because it is said to disturb the neighbourhood and regional landscape rules…So please go there, visit and support !
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By Samy Barkat

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