Glebe Tram Sheds – Sydney, Australia


Contributor: Roy Aston

Where is it Glebe, Sydney, Australia
What is it
An abandoned tram depot with two huge sheds filled with colourful graffiti and old trams dating from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.
Main attractions Duck a fence past shrubs and security into the bygone era of Sydney’s once bustling electric tram transport depot. Enter through giant graffitied doors into two massive shed spaces with abandoned trams, wild plants growing everywhere in pools of rainwater. The entire place is covered in colourful graffiti tags and pieces, there is even a spooky upstairs area overlooking the main area.
Psychedelic Merit Shafts of sunlight beam through the broken roof with rusted supports patterning the entire ceiling. Plants and moss grow wild in the main area and on the walls that contrast the busy, colourful variety of graffiti tags and larger pieces which are a feast to the eye. Artists regularly visit the tram yard to do photo shoots or spray paint new artwork so the place is never the same. Mellow out inside one of the trams or if you feel it bring your own equipment and make something yourself.
Comments This place is easy to get into and used to have quite a few artists, families and travelers visiting the place regularly for photoshoots to new graffiti pieces. Recently the site has been purchased off the local council by a property development company so now there are occasional security guards. The company has been slowly cleaning the place up and removing the trams to redevelop the space as a community centre as part of a larger commercial development. Get in there before it disappears altogether.
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