Li River – Guilin, China



Contributor: Renegadesalmon

Header The Li River
Where is it Guilin Province, China
What is it A river in southern China famous for its surrounding karst mountains.
Main attractions River cruises on “bamboo” rafts (actually made from PVC), caving, climbing, motorbike rentals, and local food, particularly grilled beer fish.
Psychedelic merit To be surrounded by such mountains, covered in mist, drifting down the river with rain coming down all around you… It makes for a truly serene and surreal experience. Being nestled between these stark peaks makes the towns like Yangshuo and Guilin feel like they are part of a reality separate from the rest of the world.
Comments The town of Yangshuo itself is unfortunately quite touristy, but it is amazing how little it takes to get away from it. A short walk to the outskirts of the town and surrounding countryside feel like a trip back in time, as it seems as though little has changed out there in the past decades.
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