Gale Beach – Albufeira, Portugal




What is it Gale beach is a vast sandy beach in Portugal’s popular Algrave region, at the southernmost part of the country. What makes this place amazing to explore, besides a warm Mediterranean climate, are the incredible rock formations which are spread around the beach can be explored at will.
Main attractions Walking around the beach and exploring the various nooks and carnies of the various rock formations. Spending the day lulling in one of the beach’s hidden spots, between intricate yellow rock formations.
Psychedelic Merit Gale beach is a perfect spot for easy laid-back tripping. There are many people around, but the beach is very long and vast, so you will have your space, and there is an immense number of fascinating rock structures to explore. In a sunny, beautiful day, this place can give a next to perfect psychedelic beach experience.
Comments When you first get to the beach this can look like an over-loaded beach resort and the above mentioned rock formations are nowhere in sight. You have to explore a bit to get to the less crowded and more interesting parts of the beach. However these are not far away, about 10-15 minutes walk at the most.
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