Arches Natural Park – Utah, USA



Header Arches national park
Where is it  Utah, USA
What is it The world famous national park, known for its impressive sand stone arches and rock towers. The park located in south eastern Utah, right above the Colorado river, and spreads across more than 70000 acres of land.
Main attractions The park contains more than 40 sand stone arches, big red rock towers, smooth canyons, unique desert vegetation, open high desert view and various wildlife.
The park is easliy accessed by a internal scenic route. Along the route there are small parking lots with access to dozens of trails, short hikes and trekking routes. There are also several campgrounds where you can spend the night with or without a car.
Psychedelic Merit Be prepared for a remote outback experience! This place is full of rock textures, funky trees, curious birds and a tremendous mystery.One of the best options is to gear up and arrive early to one of the campgrounds and then choose if you want a laid back trip or an adventure into the wild and powerful desert. Night time is clear, fresh and full of stars with zero light pollution.
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Comments Arches national park is very popular during spring and summer. Usually you will have to book ahead if you want a spot in the campgrounds, yet during winter the park is almost empty and still beautifully wild!

Text and images by Daniel Bear.

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