Montgomery Woods State Reserve – California, USA


Where is it California, USA
What is it This is a beautiful forest park, one of California’s 31 Redwood (Sequia trees) Parks.

The Park is located in Mendocino County, not too far fro the shore line.

Main attractions Some of the world tallest trees grow in this reserve. These Sequia trees are now reaching to 100-150 Meters tall and massively wide and impressive. There are many trails going in and around the park and it is hard to miss this natural sky- scrapers. Around those trees is a big and lively Habitat that is home to many wildlife and special plants.
Psychedelic Merit You can really feel the ancient energy moving this forest. The trees have been here for hundreds of years and it is remarkable to observe and feel their knowledge. Take a walk inside and find the magic of the forest – Beautiful Plants, Wooden Caves, light playing all around and through the tree tops.This is simply a Huge Play Ground, Just open your senses and Discover!
Comments At the end of your Journey, you can go and relax at Orr Hot Springs which is just next to the reserve.
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Text and images by Daniel Bear.

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