Temples of Humankind, Damanhur, Italy

Where is it Damanhur Italy
What is it An series of underground temples full of visionary art created by the Damanhur community, a utopian eco-community which believes that every individual should develop and realize themselves as an artist. The members of the group have been building this networks of underground temples for the past 40 years, containing cryptic messages in 12 alien language received by their master Falco, who passed away in 2013. Working on these temples is considered part of the spiritual path of creation of beauty. The temples are connected by hundreds of meters of esoterically adorned corridors and are built on five different levels, representing the different levels of the self. Apart from the underground temples, the area also has some over-ground temples, big labyrinths stretching over long kilometers and also a center for research into art, creativity and science.
Main attractions The over-ground temple and labyrinths, but most of all the underground temples.
Psychedelic Merit Entering the temples is an psychedelic experience of insurmountable value. One is engulfed by detailed visionary visuals from all sides. Each temple has a different focus: a hall of mirrors in which one goes into oneself, a hall of sound where one connects with the vibrations of sounds, a temple dedicated to the many religions and god of Humankind, and a temple dedicated the history of humanity. The style is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian religion, as well as that of psychedelic artist Mati Klarwein. It is a kind of somewhat kitschy psychedelic bacchanalia with a good deal of esoteric and occult symbols, and a whiff of sci-fi.  A psychedelic delicatessen if there ever was one.
CommentTs Visits should be arranged in advance with the Damanhur community. Also, this is a guided tour with in which a small group of visitors moves in small spaces underground. Definitely not the right place to be tripping balls. You don’t need to take any psychedelic to enjoy Damanhur though a microdose might be suitable.
Links A Damanhur Homepage

A page about the temples

Trip Advisor on Damanhur

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