Palacio da Pena – Sintra, Portugal


What is it Pena national park was created for king Ferdinand II, and was designed in an exotic romanticist style. It contains a labyrinth system of paths and narrow roads which lead to many special spots such as gardens, fountains, ponds, giant statues, chapels, temples, towers, green-houses, a monk’s grotto and many other fascinating structures and landscapes you can explore at length.  Overlooking the park is the Pena national palace, a 19th century romanticist masterpiece which bears an eclectic mix of different lavish styles including neo-gothic, neo-Manueline, neo-Islamic and neo-renaissance.
Main attractions The Pena palace is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of Portugal. And rightly so! It is truly a gem to behold. The park itself is well worth spending a whole day, even if you totally neglect visiting the palace. It is full of many trees which were brought to it from all over the world, including American Sequoia, Chinese Ginkgo, Japanese Cryptomeria, Magnolia and many ferns which were brought from Australia and New Zealand. It also includes many impressive structures and spots to explore.
Psychedelic Merit This is one amazing spot to trip in. The park is spectacular and you can easily spend a day here exploring new spots and parts of the park. Even though this is one of Sintra’s main tourist attractions, the park is so big that you can enjoy your privacy and not feel the other tourists too close to you.
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  1. very nice photographs and description.
    Just discovered this website, it is really cool.
    It is inspiring me to travel through Europe.


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