Electric Ladyland – Amsterdam, Holland



Where is it Amsterdam, Holland
What is it “The first museum of fluorescent art”, Electric Ladyland is a one of its kind museum which explores the varieties of glowing florescent art, the first museum “totally devoted to the phenomenon of fluorescence.”
Main attractions The tour includes large collections of fluorescent minerals from all over the world – rocks which emit dazzling colors when seen under different wave-length of light – ” common gray stones turning into brilliant multi-colored wonders of nature.” The tour includes florescent mineral art works from the 1950s, fluorescent advertisements, thermal expansion painting and more.
Psychedelic Merit Named after a classic psychedelic Album by Jimi Hendrix, the museum itself seems like a tribute to the psychedelic state, and the glowing colors commemorated within it will definitely not fail to excite any lover of psychedelics.
Links Official Website: http://electric-lady-land.com/index.html

Atlas Obscura: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/electric-ladyland-the-museum-of-fluorescent-art

electriclady electriclady3 electriclady4 electriclady5 electriclady6 electriclady7 electriclady9

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